The Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths College is a flourishing centre of study and research, currently with 35 full-time academic staff (including nine professors and four readers), plus a panel of visiting tutors.

In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise we were ranked 24th amongst UK psychology departments (in the top third of those who submitted). We rose strongly relative to the last exercise (2001), outperforming every department of the 17 who were ranked equally with us previously, and moving ahead of 6 others who were ranked above us in 2001.

There are four research clusters, covering  Applied Psychology  (including forensic psychology, occupational psychology media and music psychology, and applied social psychology);  Brain and Cognition (looking at visual and spatial attention, working memory, integration across sensory modalities, reinforcement learning, problem-solving, eye-witness identification, musical cognition, and cross-cultural psychology;  Individual Differences, Social Processes and Psychopathology, researching into personality, intelligence and clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety, as well as social processes, and  Typical and Atypical Development studying conditions such as autism spectrum disorder,emotional behaviour disorders and developmental coordination disorder.

But what is it really  like to work in the Department here? Some of our staff are going to write blog posts this year, to reveal a little more of what we do. …

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what they say.



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